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The type of reweaving service you get depends upon the type of damage to be corrected, and the material. Using threads and material from the item itself, our experts can rescue items you thought were damaged for good. The process isn’t as fast as our normal alteration services, but we think the final results justify the time and effort involved.


The tradition of French Re-Weavers began with Ellen Mears in 1957 in Redwood, CA. It is now being carried forward by Mary Pacheco, a master re-weaver and her skilled staff, from the past 20 years.

Reweaving is a delicate process by which your woven garment is brought back to life using special needles, one thread at a time. From small holes, to larger holes and tears, our team of experts has the skill and determination to fix your items in such a way that the original imperfections are no longer visible and your item will look brand-new again. The French weave method is used to thread small damages, where each thread is replaced individually. For larger damages, Piece weave method is used where the same piece of fabric bigger than the damage is taken and woven into the damaged area.      

Reweaving will make your clothes look new again

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A delicate process that yields beautiful results

• Pillows

• Tablecloths

• Wool items

• Curtains

• Sweaters

• Suits and more!

Bring your woven items back to life

Reweaving is only one of the many services you’ll find at Heights Cleaners & Tailoring. Our tailoring services include men’s tailoring, women’s tailoring, and leather tailoring. We also offer cleaning services for clothes, comforters, and more.

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